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What does this story have to do with GamerGate? When I realized Locke was Zoe, I was disgusted to see she was still playing the same games. Stealing, cheating, lying and claiming to be victimized by anyone and everyone. Maybe she did stab some guy in the face, and maybe in the first week at every new job she had, some guy tried to extort sex from her. Maybe that doesn’t establish an MO on her part. But I know, I did nothing wrong to that woman, and I did not deserve to be lied about. I did not deserve to have my time and my money wasted, and even now, I wonder if opening my mouth about this means she will think of some new horse shit to spread about me to try to ruin my career. And that does seem to be her modus operandi.

The real bullies reveal themselves. It isn’t Gamergate.


Do you know what this is?

This is extortion. This is people going “Give us money or we’ll keep telling everyone that you’re misogynist scum.”

#GamerGate donated money to The Fine Young Capitalists’ game jam to help women who want to get into the industry. They donated money to anti-bully charities. There’s plenty of GGers who plan on taking part in the Extra Life charity event.

But it’s not good enough for these people. It’ll never be good enough. Because the money’s not going to THEM. So they pull this “weaponized charity” bullshit and try to tell people that even when #GamerGate does something undeniaby good, it’s only out of spite and bigotry.

If you’re going to donate money, donate it to whoever the hell you want. Don’t let abusive assholes shake you down for your lunch money.


ripped from FJ

Tell me Gamergate is just about hating women. gtfo, it isn’t.


ripped from FJ

Tell me Gamergate is just about hating women. gtfo, it isn’t.


Anti-GamerGate Threats, Anti-Notyourshield Racism & Falsifying Narratives

Damn right! Come on now. Then again, they don’t care for truth, neither do people who are anti-gamergate at this point.


Odds are you have only heard about gamergate through major media outlets and non-gamers.

Here is why that is a damaging thing. 

If you want non-biased info about the side of this argument you probably don’t agree with, here it is. We want women in games, we want gaming journalism to be saved. This shit is important.